Aardvark Letterpress

16 May 2008 — Posted in Letterpress


Founded in Los Angeles, CA in 1968 as Aardvark Typographers, this shop transitioned to Aardvark Letterpress in 1980 as linotype was being phased out. The shop continues to produce exceptional work built on its strong typographic foundation.

Crown Point Press

16 May 2008 — Posted in Intaglio

Crown Point Press

Crown Point Press is a printer/publisher of fine art intaglio editions in San Francisco, CA that has been in operation for over 40 years and has had it’s work featured at many major institutions including New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery in Washington DC. The studio invites a very select group of artists each year and offers workshops open to all artists. Additionally Crown Point operates a shop that sells books (including its Crown Point titles) and quality printing supplies.


14 May 2008 — Posted in Letterpress


Thomas-Printers is a full service letterpress and design shop in Carlisle, PA “offering custom solutions for weddings, stationery, promotion, notes to your mom, wholesale…” In addition to their contract printing they offer a nice line of eco-friendly print products in their Etsy shop.

Standard Deluxe

13 May 2008 — Posted in Screenprinting

Standard Deluxe

Operating out of an old cotton warehouse in Waverly, Alabama Standard Deluxe offers over 15 years of screenprinting experience, as well as custom design with an obvious southern touch.

Pyramid Atlantic


Pyramid Atlantic is a non-profit art center in Silver Spring, MD. The studio focuses on papermaking, printmaking and the book arts producing and selling artist editions. Additionally Pyramid Atlantic offers ongoing outreach services, workshops, educational programs and artist residencies, hosts exhibitions and offers studio space rentals – all supported through its volunteers and various levels of membership.

The Excelsior Press Museum Printing Shop

10 May 2008 — Posted in Letterpress


Located in a barn just outside of historic Frenchtown, NJ The Excelsior Press Museum Printing Shop is the real deal. Founded in 1962 by a 12 year-old boy, the press today is “preserved for demonstration, teaching, and of course, real old time printing” by that same 12 year-old. The shop also restores old letterpress equipment to pass on to others pursuing the art.

Hamilton Press Gallery

8 May 2008 — Posted in Lithography


Hamilton Press in Venice, CA publishes fine art lithographs by selected artists and is also available for contract publishing by galleries, organizations, and individual artists.

Highpoint Center for Printmaking


Highpoint Center for Printmaking is a non-profit art center dedicated to advancing the art of printmaking. Highpoint provides educational programs, community access, and collaborative publishing opportunities. Located in Minneapolis, MN Highpoint’s 4,000 sq. ft. printshop includes a classroom area and a gallery space for ongoing exhibitions of prints. The studio provides resources for monoprints, intaglio, relief printing, lithography and screenprinting.



HuiPress in Maui, HI publishes limited edition prints and multiples by top established and emerging artists with an emphasis on intaglio, photogravure and relief, as well as lithography and silkscreen. Additionally, national and international artists are invited to work with Master Printer, pushing the boundaries of the medium.

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