Proyecto’ace art center in Buenos Aires, Argentina balances the new and the old, seeking a unity among traditional graphic and printmaking techniques, experimental approaches and digital media. The studio offers various residency programs, internships, artist edition services, exhibitions and rental opportunities.


29 May 2008 — Posted in Screenprinting


Sonnenzimmer is the creative studio of Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi formed fairly recently in Chicago IL. Their venture is a combination of commercial/client illustration and design, fine art print and bookmaking, and the more recent addition of guest artist screenprints which will hopefully be an ongoing endeavor. A pretty good interview with the studio can be found here.

Studio Camnitzer

28 May 2008 — Posted in Intaglio,Photo Process,Relief Printing

Studio Camnitzer

Studio Camnitzer is a studio residence for artists located in Tuscany Italy eight miles from the city of Lucca in an 18th century farmhouse. In 2000 the studio became a center for artist residencies after providing courses in art for nearly 25 years. The sudio is fully equipt for printmaking, however their specialty has been full color photo-etching.

Common Press

27 May 2008 — Posted in Letterpress

Common Press

The Common Press is the letterpress printing studio at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA. The facility provides a mixed media environment where students can move between digital and manual image making, collaborating with writers, printmakers and others in the book arts. The Common Press exists to assist in teaching design and to facilitate collaborative projects across the university.

Steamroller Printing

27 May 2008 — Posted in Other


As far as we know, there isn’t a studio called Steamroller Printing that actually does steamroller prints. However, we think this is a great process and it does occur now and then (Philadelphia PA, San Francisco CA, Missoula MT) and because of the scale of the work, artists are typically invited to contribute. So be on the lookout or organize your own. Pretty great way to get people psyched on printmaking.

Pele Prints


Pele Prints is a collaborative fine arts printmaking studio in Saint Louis, MO. The studio is open to contract work and publishes work each year by a select few artists from various disciplines, with any level of printmaking experience. Works typically involve relief, etching, photo-litho and screenprinting, but artists are encouraged to experiment and take advantage of the studi0’s large format presses. Additionally the studio offers a simple yearly limited-edition subscription plan for print collectors.

Rollo Press

22 May 2008 — Posted in Stencil/Mimeograph


Rollo Press is a small shop in Zurich, Switzerland that is based around a single RISO machine. We run a similar RISO at MYP. It’s basically a digital mimeograph or stencil machine. Unique in that unlike most digital printers, these use ink, not toner. These are used by schools, churches and non-profits all over the world to produce low quality 2-color newsletters and collateral. They’re also secretly used by lots of copy shops who tell their customers the job was put on press hoping the customer won’t pick up on the lower quality. That said, in the right hands with the right paper the results can be wonderful and carry an almost hand-pulled quality.

Grand Palace

21 May 2008 — Posted in Screenprinting

Grand Palace

Hiding out in Murfreesboro, TN is Grand Palace, a record label, recording studio and, of course, a screenprinting shop producing merch and promotions for the like-minded.

Women’s Studio Workshop

20 May 2008 — Posted in Intaglio,Letterpress,Screenprinting

Women’s Studio Workshop

Founded in 1974 as an alternative artist space informed by feminist values the Women’s Studio Workshop within the Shawangunk Mountains in Rosendale, NY continues it’s commitment to create and share new skills through its series of grants, fellowships and internships as well as its artist classes and studio resources equipped for letterpress, etching and silkscreen projects.

Manifesto Letterpress

17 May 2008 — Posted in Letterpress


This may be an assumption, but wedding invitations seem to be the traditional/standard projects that keep a lot of letterpress shops in business. That said, we’re showing the “other side” of Manifesto Letterpress that appears to be a truer reflection of the studio’s interests. Two locations for this shop: Easthampton, MA and Chicago, IL. Check out their online shop too.

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