Shark’s Ink


Since 1976, Shark’s Ink based in Lyons, CO has published prints and multiples by a distinguished group of artists. Techniques used in the studio have included lithography; monotype- using watercolor, oil pastels and other materials; metal leaf, chine collé, embossing and collage, as well as innumerable innovations for cutting and printing woodblocks and other relief prints; and the engineering and construction of three-dimensional lithographs.

Flatbed Press

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Flatbed Press is a publishing workshop in Austin, TX that collaborates with artists to produce limited editions of original etchings, lithographs, woodcuts, and monoprints. Flatbed also does contract, collaborative printing for other publishers, dealers, artists, and institutions, and is available on a limited basis for open-shop work by experienced artists.

Bleu Acier

Bleu Acier

Atelier Bleu Acier is a collaborative and contract studio in Tampa, FL supporting techniques in printmaking: Intaglio, Photogravure, Lithography, Photolithography, Relief and Monotype.

Wildwood Press

Wildwood Press

For over 10 years Wildwood Press out of Saint Louis, MO has pushed the limits of printmaking. Select artists are invited to collaborate with the master printmaker producing amazing works, both handmade and digital.


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UnitTwentyFive is a small shop in London, UK focused primarily on screenprinting and finishing services for both commercial clients and artists. Artists and designers can also purchase assisted or unassisted time in the studio to produce their own works.

Black Church Print Studio

Black Church

Black Church Print Studio is a well established printmaking collective based in Dublin, Ireland. The studio is open to member and non-member artists with facilities for etching, lithography, screenprinting and relief printing. They produce artist editions, as well as offer many educational resources like artist talks and workshops, demonstrations, classes and residencies.

Slugfest Printmaking Workshop


Slugfest Printmaking Workshop out of Austin, TX is a collaborative workshop producing museum quality limited editions of original prints by both established and emerging artists. The workshop is also open to artists who wish to create or edition prints independently or with the assistance of Slugfest’s printers. Introductory workshops are offered in lithography, relief printing, monotype, collograph, book arts and letterpress.

La Mano Press

16 April 2008 — Posted in Blockprinting,Intaglio,Lithography,Screenprinting

La Mano Press

Mary at Los Angeles Printmaking Society referred us to La Mano Press (as well as some other great shops that we will feature soon), an artist run print center in Los Angeles, CA offering public workshops as a way to spread an appreciation of printmaking. Additionally they produce ongoing exhibitions and publications, as well as artist editions.

The Artists’ Press

15 April 2008 — Posted in Letterpress,Lithography,Monoprints,Photo Process

Artists Press

The Artists’ Press is located on a farm 12 km from the town of White River in Mpumalanga, South Africa. For over 15 years this shop has had a mission to share South African printmaking with the world. Their focus is on hand printed lithography, monoprints, letterpress and photogravure work. They produce artist editions, exhibit work internationally and offer exchange programs.

Purgatory Pie Press

15 April 2008 — Posted in Letterpress

Purgatory Pie Press

Purgatory Pie Press is a husband and wife team operating out of New York City. They focus on bookmaking using traditional handset letterpress techniques, often collaborating with fine artists. Additionally, they provide letterpress services for the production of wedding invitations, they offer courses in letterpress and bookmaking, and their work has been exhibited at galleries and museums internationally including London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The image pictured is a book by Bob and Roberta Smith lettepress from lino cut and hand set type by PPP featured in Purgatory Pie Press’ How to Make Books, a recently published title dedicated to the creation of the handmade/DIY book.

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