Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists

SNAP is an independent, cooperatively run fine art printshop and art gallery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. SNAP’s mandate is to promote, facilitate and communicate printmaking as an art form. Currently, SNAP Gallery has a program schedule of about ten exhibitions per year. SNAP is equipt for etching, lithography, screenprinting, woodcut, letterpress, and photobased print art, along with supportive education programs.

Squid Ink Kollective

24 March 2009 — Posted in Screenprinting

Squid Ink Kollective is a local fine art screen printing business in Denton, TX specializing in printing paper and apparel using non-toxic inks. You can see more work on their flickr pages.

Bob Eight Pop

27 February 2009 — Posted in Screenprinting

Bob Eight Pop is a London, UK print shop specializing in hand bench screen printing. Seems they can screen print just about anything onto just about anything and for some great designers like Scott King. While anticipating the launch of their new site, check out some of the latest work in their flickr photostream.

Halo Halo Screen Printing

27 February 2009 — Posted in Screenprinting

Halo Halo Screen Printing is an eco-friendly group in Canada “currently hustling between two Toronto print studios” each with its own focus from over-sized poster printing to apparel to flyers to printing for furniture design & architecture. The group offers pretty cool courses like Psychedelic 3D Tees & Zines for Teens (he name alone is enough to make you wanna sign up), open print sessions, drawing/printing jams, exhibitions, screen printing crash courses and rentals if you think you already know what to do. Check the blog, too. Thanks Phillp for the link.

Outlaw Print Co.

27 February 2009 — Posted in Screenprinting

Outlaw Print Co. is the by-day textile/tee screenprinting operation of the two Philadelphia, PA dudes behind Magick Outlaw apparel.

Spudnik Press

Spudnik Press is a comprehensive cooperative artist studio in Chicago, IL dedicated to encouraging new talent in fine art printmaking in an alternative art space. Open to all levels of printmakers, Spudnik Press provides common studio space capable of printing traditional as well as photographic litho, relief, and silkscreen prints. Additionally, Spudnik Press fosters a greater public awareness and understanding of prints and art-making in general by offering demonstrations, workshop, critiques, and gallery shows.


10 January 2009 — Posted in Experimental,Screenprinting

Elshopo is a studio based in Grenoble France with a strong emphasis on the serigraph. It’s a bit challenging to put in nutshell what exactly they do so this is straight from their site:

Elshopo creates, produces and diffuses from A to Z various silk-screened objects (posters, t-shirts, stickers, pancakes, record sleeves, silk-screen machines …), printing events or culinary happenings, initiation workshops and interactive exhibition… In addition, the Elshopo creative studio can also work on your projects in order to bring an original point of view and a fluorescent fame to your business. With Elshopo, a human world, écologic and exciting is still existing!


29 November 2008 — Posted in Screenprinting

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Landland are “a small collective of graphic designers, illustrators, screenprinters, relatively decent advice-givers, semi-amateur sink and wall constructors, art makers, big talkers, ex-9-to-fivers, listmakers and clean fighters, among many other things too innumerable to mention here.” The majority of their work seems to be within the realm of music (i.e. cd/vinyl packaging and tour posters) and a lot of it is available for purchase in their shop. Decent.

Dirty Hands Serigraphie

1 November 2008 — Posted in Screenprinting

Dirty Hands Serigraphie is a screenprinting studio in Genève, Switzerland printing some cool work on paper and tees.

Bloom Screenprinting

1 November 2008 — Posted in Screenprinting

Bloom Screenprinting out of Oakland, CA is the studio of artist/printmaker Nat Swope. Bloom produces great work for artists and designers (some available for sale on the site).

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