Pinball Publishing

1 August 2008 — Posted in Offset

It’s always refreshing when there’s a creative mind behind an offset printshop. Pinball Publishing in Portland, OR has a tagline: “Printing Made Fun”. That pretty much defies the typical sales-lead printshop. Pinball offers environmentally responsible offset printing, their own line of fine paper goods and online creative service resources. Check out their blog for more recent work and read a great interview with them on Neojaponisme.

Box Car Press

3 June 2008 — Posted in Letterpress,Offset

Box Car

Box Car Press is a highly sophisticated 21st century letterpress shop in Syracuse, NY. In addition to some of the tightest registration, Box Car has a deep interest in supporting the development of individuals and shops using letterpress. They offer starter packs, pressroom supplies, platemaking supplies, custom letterpress plates, platemakers and the Box Car Base (one of their own creations).


8 April 2008 — Posted in Offset

Whether or not you like McSweeney’s books and journals, the print production is usually pretty great. Chances are it was printed by Oddi out of Reykjavik, Iceland. Oddi has specialized in book printing since 1943. Today, they also print catalogs and magazines like Index.


8 April 2008 — Posted in Offset

Finding great offset printshops online is often difficult, because unlike smaller screenprint or letterpress shops, they rarely feature their work. Unfortunately in the offset business, choices usually come down to price so the shops are powered more by their sales force than the quality of their press peoples’ work. This isn’t always the case. Lecturis out of Eindhoven, Netherlands produces high end art books with precision. If you’ve seen Karel Marens’ Counterprint, you’d love it and probably wonder who printed it. Lecturis.

Stumptown Printers

27 March 2008 — Posted in Letterpress,Lithography,Offset

Stumptown Printers is a smallish print shop based in Portland, OR. Aside from their impeccable work in letterpress and offset lithography, this is the shop behind the amazing Arigato CD case.