10 January 2009 — Posted in Experimental,Screenprinting

Elshopo is a studio based in Grenoble France with a strong emphasis on the serigraph. It’s a bit challenging to put in nutshell what exactly they do so this is straight from their site:

Elshopo creates, produces and diffuses from A to Z various silk-screened objects (posters, t-shirts, stickers, pancakes, record sleeves, silk-screen machines …), printing events or culinary happenings, initiation workshops and interactive exhibition… In addition, the Elshopo creative studio can also work on your projects in order to bring an original point of view and a fluorescent fame to your business. With Elshopo, a human world, écologic and exciting is still existing!

Hand Print Workshop International

21 October 2008 — Posted in Experimental,Screenprinting

Founded in Moscow in 1989 and currently located in Alexandria, VA, Hand Print Workshop International takes an experimental approach towards printmaking with original screenprinting techniques like the excavated print and relief surface printing. HPWI offers visiting residency programs for artists from the U.S. and abroad, internships for high school and university students, and educational programs including lectures and exhibitions by our artists.

Kala Art Institute

Kala Art Institue is an international workshop in Berkeley, CA. The studio facilities include a printshop which facilitates a variety of traditional and new print processes, as well as a digital media center and an exhibition gallery. Kala offers residency opportunities, various calls for entries and a great “artist-in-schools” program.

Centre for Fine Print Research

The Centre for Fine Print Research in Bristol, UK focuses on the development of quality fine print from a fine art and industrial perspective. The centre is committed to the dissemination of its research through education, training, professional practice, collaborative projects, conferences, and the publication of its research outcomes. Its facilities support a great range of mediums from screenprints and intaglio to ceramics 3D prints and laser cuts.



Proyecto’ace art center in Buenos Aires, Argentina balances the new and the old, seeking a unity among traditional graphic and printmaking techniques, experimental approaches and digital media. The studio offers various residency programs, internships, artist edition services, exhibitions and rental opportunities.



HuiPress in Maui, HI publishes limited edition prints and multiples by top established and emerging artists with an emphasis on intaglio, photogravure and relief, as well as lithography and silkscreen. Additionally, national and international artists are invited to work with Master Printer, pushing the boundaries of the medium.

Shark’s Ink


Since 1976, Shark’s Ink based in Lyons, CO has published prints and multiples by a distinguished group of artists. Techniques used in the studio have included lithography; monotype- using watercolor, oil pastels and other materials; metal leaf, chine collé, embossing and collage, as well as innumerable innovations for cutting and printing woodblocks and other relief prints; and the engineering and construction of three-dimensional lithographs.

Wildwood Press

Wildwood Press

For over 10 years Wildwood Press out of Saint Louis, MO has pushed the limits of printmaking. Select artists are invited to collaborate with the master printmaker producing amazing works, both handmade and digital.


1 April 2008 — Posted in Digital,Experimental

Developed in Lausanne, Switzerland Hektor has been around for a few years now. It’s a printing device whose output is spray paint. Over the years its use has been primarily presentation and exhibition rather than practical/commercial. Through its simple concept and appearance, Hektor continues to challenge standardization in the design world.