Wildwood Press

Wildwood Press

For over 10 years Wildwood Press out of Saint Louis, MO has pushed the limits of printmaking. Select artists are invited to collaborate with the master printmaker producing amazing works, both handmade and digital.


1 April 2008 — Posted in Digital,Experimental

Developed in Lausanne, Switzerland Hektor has been around for a few years now. It’s a printing device whose output is spray paint. Over the years its use has been primarily presentation and exhibition rather than practical/commercial. Through its simple concept and appearance, Hektor continues to challenge standardization in the design world.

Lower East Side Printshop

The Lower East Side Printshop is a not-for-profit print shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The print shop has been in operation since the late sixties and continues to provide it’s vast resources for both emerging and established artists. Facilities are available for members, artists-in-residence and contract clients. In addition to its technical education, the print shop also promotes and offers guidance in the collection of contemporary prints.

Brodsky Center for Print and Paper

The Brodsky Center is part of the Department of Visual Arts, Mason Gross School of the Arts in New Brunswick, NJ. The facilities provide capability for working in all print media-digital, intaglio, lithography, silk screen, relief, papermaking, photo processes, letterpress and books. The center produces editions for artists internationally, developing new techniques in the process. Additionally the center offers many internship and residency opportunities.

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